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The imminent rise of Angelica Salem.

During the shooting of her video.
Photography by Lindsay Carey. Angelica Salem.

It’s a mid Saturday afternoon and while most of NYC may be flocking for the shores on this sultry Memorial long weekend one young lady instead is gazing intently over the horizon on the penthouse of a high rise studio whilst behind her technicians, producers, make up crew and a crew of devout fans wait in anticipation as she finally makes her way in front of them. Decked in her namesake sultry demeanor, loose black fitting and knee high black boots she finally stops to receive me, her mind racing on some vision, her nubile poise contained. And then she smiles, and whether you mean to or not you gush back, her eyes greeting you, studying you, dancing a wicked number as you contain yourself.

To be sure Angelica Salem, at age only 18 is one of many aspiring young musicians seeking fame, solace and hedonistic ire. Her music, her voice a fusion of high beat dance pop with swaths of ballad and breathy gusto just might be enough to get her over the finish line- and if she can help it, this one plans on being the next radio hero that you can count on to soothe you this long summer.

It’s at this instant her assistant plops me down and jams I phone headphones to my ear with Angelica Salem’s upcoming signature debut single ‘We rock the world,’ blaring. Part dance anthem, part summer kick up but more to the point her free association of the dynamic youth and optimism that passes for Angelica and so many of her generation. And just like that I’m bopping my leg, half embarrassed that I’ve just kicked half of Ms Salem’s shin away, but mostly pleasantly beguiled that she’s still smiling, convinced that even I have begun the process of falling for this up and coming virtuoso. And perhaps I have…

From there I begin a series of questions, intrigued and wondering how this very talented young woman intends to realize her vision in a sea of aspiring young hopefuls…

SCV: So why are you here today? Shouldn’t you be on some beach?

AS: Where I need to be is here. Today we’re recording the video to my upcoming single ‘We rock the world.’

SCV: So do you- do you rock the world?

AS: Oh yeah- 200 percent. (she then stops to think, mischievously smiling) – at least I like to think so.

SCV: I’m curious listening to your demo, I detect a melange of influences, where did you get your grooming and when did you in fact first begin to sing?

AS: I think I started singing by chance, singing to Disney Princess songs, wowing all the kids, before someone insisted that they had to haul me over for voice lessons to eventually get me on the radio. From there I trained in classical, Broadway before settling on pop music as my mainstay just on two years ago.

SCV: So I take it you want to be a pop star?

AS: I want to inspire people, change the world and if I can do that with my music I’ll take it.

SCV: Who would you compare yourself to?

AS: Me- I am my own person.

SCV: Okay, who would you say your influences are?

AS: Christina Aguilera, Beyonce,Britney Spears.

SCV: Just the majors I see. I’m curious what do you think makes your music what it is?

AS: It’s got presence. It grabs you.

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