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Luis Ducasse wants bodega owners to have the right to carry guns


Ladies and Gentleman, it’s a showdown at the corner corral…

Is your neighborhood bodega fully loaded? According to one city vigilante, it should be.

nydailynews:Luis Ducasse, head of the Bodega Association of the United States, has been targeting cornershops and delis in crime-ridden neighborhoods, handing out gun-license applications to owners.

After the recent deaths of three New York City bodega owners, Ducasse began his cornershop crusade after a staggering 12 deli owners from the Bronx and Queens explained to him that they had been a victim of an armed robbery in recent weeks.

“Deli owners make for easy victims,” he said. “A person can come in wearing a ski mask and carrying a gun, and the person behind the counter has no place to go, or way to fight back.”

His association has partnered with Gold Shield Training Center, which helps would-be gun owners with the application for a $250 fee. The process can take up to a year or more, according to Gold Shield operators.

The NYPD declined to comment out Ducasse and his cause, but police officers in the Bronx have a different recipe for protection.

Bronx officers recently trained deli operators how to best protect themselves, including adding better security cameras, keeping small amounts of cash in registers and avoiding confrontations.

But, really, during an armed robbery do shop owner’s just want a good shot on the security camera for the cops?  More likely, they want a good shot at the perpetrator, and Luis Ducasse wants to give them that right.

Article via Gun News Daily

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