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Victoria’s secret new bra will help you add 2 sizes – but do you really care?


Are you ready to finally look like a woman?

Straight off the press comes Victoria’s Secret new ‘miraculous bra’ designed to make women feel more like the women they are supposed to be. After all if we are to infer anything from this Victoria’s secret campaign- it’s a woman isn’t really all that worthwhile unless she comes close to approximating male stereotypes of what makes her a woman and hence worthy of a man’s love. After all isn’t that what good old fashion is about- getting people to love you?

huffpo:The adverts claim that the piece of lingerie will bump you up two cup sizes. And indeed it did: Becky went from a 36A to 36C in no time flat. She even joked while exiting the fitting room, “They came out before me,” meaning her “girls.”

Isn’t it good news that yet another fashion purveryor has had the chance to remind women that their real worth lies in their ability to leave men ogling?

One can only imagine the shock when the bra eventually comes off- but perhaps that’s only suppose to happen in dimly lit rooms?