Home Visual Arts Hipsters unite at the Causey Contemporary Gallery.

Hipsters unite at the Causey Contemporary Gallery.


Photography by Segal Bengigi

Melissa Murray‘s exhibit “What the Birds Saw” and Steven Dobbin‘s exhibit “Pierecing the Mundane” opened on Friday, April 15th at Causey Contemporary (92 Whyte Avenue) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Causey Contemporary has been in the neighborhood on grand street for 12 years however, the exhibit took place in the newly expanded location on Whyte Avenue. The exhibit features several pieces which Melissa descrbies as “dealing with subconsciousness in dreaming and walking life”.

The exhibit was attended by Wlliamsburg art enthusiasts who enjoyed the wine and champagne reception on Friday evening and witnessed new work of emerging local talent. This was the foruth solo exhibit for Dobbin and Melissa’s first exhibit at the gallery. Dobbin’s mixed media painting and sculptures from found “mundane” objects such as nails and old paint cans paired well with Melissa’s drawings in graphite, colored pencil and gouache. Dobbin’s series explores his investigation of self identity.  Melissa explores her imagery from everyday experience of love, suffering, tragedy and hope. The exhibit will continue until May 15th.

The Gallery hours for viewing until May 15 are Wed-Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 12pm -6pm and Mon 9am -5pm.

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