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Volunteer Firefighter, Accused Of Drunken Fire Truck Joyride


Volunteer firefighter Sean Richard Swanson would like to invite you on a drunken joyride— in his fire truck.

Swanson, who serves as volunteer firefighter in Hamilton, VA is accused of “speeding down a road early Saturday morning while driving a fire truck,” according to the Loudoun County’s Sherriff’s office.

Swanson, who had been drinking before embarking on his adventure, was joined by four of his station cohorts comrades on the early morning joyride, which almost ended in catastrophe when a deputy officer tried to intervene.

According to a press release for the incident:

HuffPo: The deputy had to veer into a ditch to avoid hitting the truck. He turned around and pulled over the truck. Swanson was arrested and charged with driving under the influence and unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Although frightening, imagine for a second that the deputy was a children’s sports team carpool, or a family heading out for a special trip.  The results to his helljoyride could have been much more devastating.

It’s a bit worrisome, isn’t it, that we learn in cases like these that we can’t even protect ourselves from the ones who have taken on the duty of protecting us.

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