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Robert’s Restaurant A Feast For The Senses


From Puerto Rico, Teresa spoke engagingly about her work. “I’ve always been a dancer since the moment I could walk.  This is what I like to do. I enjoy being sexy, and catering to gentlemen, and I have a good time doing it.”  Teresa is focusing her studies on Radiology. “I like medicine, but Radiology is where I want to be. You work for the doctors, but you also work on your own. I like that idea.”

Rachel, a Savannah-born girl, is working on becoming a NY state resident. “You have to be working here for a year, and I’m halfway there.” She was, however, easily distracted. “I have the attention span of a cracked-out goldfish, so I look around a lot.” She did have an effective strategy for talking to male guests. “You’re always single, and if at all possible, your last ex was a girl.”

My interview with two young ladies from the Dominican Republic was cut short by a request from another table for a lap dance.

Scores has been around a while, and is considered one of the best places to go for such scenery. For a Wednesday night, the place was crowded. Even more surprising was the number of women there as guests. Said Tess, who works in finance, “It’s funny, it’s really different from other bars. Plus, I can usually get a lot of free drinks out of the guys here.”

Says Ed Norwick, general manager: “We made a choice a long time ago to make this place welcoming to men and women. It’s gender-friendly, regardless of sexuality. You can have a quiet dinner at Robert’s or a raucous dinner at Scores.” With nineteen private rooms and enough space to seat 250, the house is set up in such a way that it really *does* feel like two separate establishments. Robert’s, toward the back, has a secluded environment feel while the bar and main room of Scores is clearly built for spectacle.

If you’re looking for adult entertainment along with an excellent meal, you can’t do much better than Robert’s and Scores, located on the west side at 536 w. 28th st, between 10th and 11th avenues. The food is great, the dancers are polite, and you’ll find plenty of people enjoying themselves.  Tess put it best: “Good food and a strip club? What more could you want?”