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Mondrian Hotel, poseurs, glitz, never mind the PR.

Photography by John Wenrich.

An overly anticipated grand opening of the Mondrian— turned out to be a bust. It was nothing more, than plotted disposition, honoring the token paid for a time with The Kills.

The Kills–a very cool, edgy refreshment, were certainly worth the wait, outside, but a week’s worth of plotting, and anticipating? I don’t think so; what I do think, however, is that the Mondrian is operating under some very ‘Midtown’ sort of folks. Showcase, to our Grandpa.

Starbuck’s etiquette at the door.

I question whose supervising the P.R for the Mondrian, and I worry that it isn’t someone very cool. Poorly dressed, most of them paid their $225, and i didn’t have to.

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  • I was not at this event Christopher. I did not seek entry so could not place myself on the enviable list of those denied access. While I do not always agree with you, you raise in a rather curious fashion an interesting issue. In the current times I see many marketing, public relations and business development types entrusted with guarding a brand, limiting coverage to trusted sources who ill ignore the reality on the ground and merely wax philosophic extolling the virtues of an organization, enterprise and/or its launch party for a project such as a hotel opening, largely by pulling talking points off a press release and limiting their guest list to the overly photographed professionally social. The sad reality is that in revolutionary times where many citizens question the authenticity of perspective and fresh faces to look at in post event coverage, when they see the same thing over and over again night after night, including many photos of the actual social news media in attendance posing for the camera, the potential patron had already tuned out and turned off to your launch while most of the “bold faces” who drank your booze will never ever become your customers. In these times folks need to get more creative in marketing their ventures and not simply reach back for the formula that worked in 2004. Too much of Manhattan night life has degenerated into a “Sex and the City III” movie; you know the characters, you recognize the scene but can we watch a different movie already?