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Jose Parla: Walls, Diaries and Paintings

The artist - Jose Parla. Images courtesy of Nadine Johnson Public Relations.

Brooklyn based Cuban-born artist, Jose Parla exhibited fifteen new paintings, this past Thursday at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery. Entitled “Walls, Diaries and Paintings,” I hadn’t seen such a small space so tightly packed in years—and the lively acoustic drummers outside the 24th street gallery, were surely in part to blame.

Raised in Miami, he studied art at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and has explored all cities throughout the world. Given his eclectic background, it is no wonder that his life-size wood and canvas acrylic masterpieces evoke the multitudes. Graffiti inspired textures, underlain with newspaper logos or splatters, Parla has decorated wood and canvases with life, using acrylic, ink, collage, oil and plaster. Clashes of color, unpredictable shifts and angular reversal evoke chaotic metropolises. Using stimulating paraphernalia, he locally reinvents the foreign, experience abroad.

Order, pattern and organization
'The struggle continues.'