Home Nightlife Hipsters bang it up at Bang On: Dances with Robots.

Hipsters bang it up at Bang On: Dances with Robots.


Photography by John Wenrich.

Last Friday’s hottest Brooklyn warehouse party (and there are so many) was Bang On’s (www.bangon-nyc.com) “Dances with Robots” extravaganza.  With multiple Dj sets one by Brazilian duo Database, Bang On is finally stepping out of (or into) the gutter.

“Dances with Robots” could not have been a better name for this party (excluding the Costner reference). By the time Database started their set, every Hipster there started dancing in a methodical robotic worship, worthy of roles in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. Always knowing how to please their fans, the Zip-line rides followed shortly after (Drunk Girls only).

The DJ booth was made from a 17 foot U-Haul covered in aluminum foil that doubled as the take off for the Zip-line.  A staple at most Bang On events the Zip-line spanned the entire venue providing an overhead show for those sober enough to realize the person wasn’t flying.

With half of Williamburg’s drunken Hipsters in attendance, let’s hope Bang On’s next party is just as amazing a trainwreck.

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John Wenrich to the right.

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