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Andy Cohen is in the mood to stick a knife to his eyes.


Bravo’s resident superstar media whore, Andy Cohen, wants you to know he’d rather purposely let all the blood drain from his body instead of listening to Staten Island’s PS 22 Choir sing  “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” at Sunday’s Oscars.

Cohen, who is a diva Bravo studio exec and on-air personality belittled the efforts of the pint-sized Pavarotti’s on MSNBC’s Morning Joe saying:

NYT : “A public school chorus singing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’ I literally…if I wasn’t going to go out to some parties I would have slit them right then. It was the worst. I was looking for a knife to stick in my eyes, it was so terrible.” 

If school children singing out their precious little hearts at their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at the Oscars is enough to make Andy want to stick a knife in his eye, we can only imagine what he thinks about doing to himself after spending an afternoon with Camille Grammer  or Danielle Staub 

Never fear, PS 22, because really, it’s not difficult to see that Andy Cohen has never really been one to be able to discern real talent. And if you are truly the company you keep, Andy Cohen would barely make the D-List, let alone the Oscars.

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