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Victoria’s Secret Photoshops Marissa Miller’s Arm Off



Proving that, this season, slicing your arm off isn’t just for James Franco anymore, Victoria’s Secret has done its part to uphold the increasingly sadistic standards fashion puts on women by giving one of its hottest models the chop… well, in Photoshop.

Just eye-up the above pic of perennial fashion superstar Marissa Miller, looking a little more armless, but at least five pounds lighter. Then take a gander at what she looked like beforehand:

The message is clear for any fashionista tirelessly searching for the chicest new look (as long as she’s got the money to spend) : Isn’t it time you’ve had at least one of your limbs “erased from existence” as armless models become America’s hottest new trend?

In an apt turn of irony, while certainly more horrifying than usual, isn’t this look more readily achievable for the average consumer? Which should pose the question of why, no matter its presentation, fashion, like art, is always accompanied by suffering. Could these be the lazy pains of advocating cliches?


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