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Triumph At The Viennese Opera Ball

Amy Shoremount-Obra and Raul Melo from the Metropolitan Opera perform "Lippen Schweigen" from "The Merry Widow" by Johann Strauss Jr.

The debs included Stephanie Nass, an Art History/Comparative Literature sophomore at Columbia. “[Tonight]’s a feast for the eyes… and have you tasted the food?? ” The gourmet meals were provided by master chefs Peter Daledda, Peter Betz and Charlie Romano.  

The night’s significance wasn’t lost on its master of ceremonies, European celebrity Alfons Haider. Haider is known as ‘Mr. Opera Ball’, and has done several seasons of the international Dancing with the Stars. “It’s a bridge of culture, a bridge of class, tradition and music.  The highest ranks of the [United Nations] are here. Important people should be able to talk together when they’re having a good time.”  

The opera portion of the night came courtesy of Metropolitan Opera’s Amy Shoremount-Obra (soprano) and Raul Melo (tenor).  The pair sang magnificent samplings from Giuditta by Franz Lehar and The Merry Widow by Johann Strauss, Jr. “There are a lot of native speakers here tonight,” said Melo. “I’d better watch my German!”  

Let me be clear: the evening was spectacular. Powerful, glamorous, influential people came together for a storybook gala that wasswimming with charm, class and respect. It was a grand slam. The Viennese Opera Ball is a cornerstone of the societal season, and a four-star opportunity to see the real movers and shakers move and shake.  All that’s left to say?  I can’t wait ‘til next year! 

Lauren Bush on the red carpet with David Lauren.