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Perry Ellis Warms Fashion Week Up



Photography by Gordon Ho. Perry Alexis 2011 Fall Collection.


This past Friday morning, John Crocco, creative director of Perry Ellis since 2003, repeatedly revealed what is most alluring to the affluent males that don the sporty chic sportswear collection at The Stage in Lincoln Center during New York’s A/W 2011 Fashion Week.  The lights cast shadows of barren trees on the runway entrance while the hall was filled with impatient and over dressed guests (myself included). As the lights dimmed, the runway lit up and trendy yet tireless indie music played. It was as if Perry Ellis was encouraging the models to just go until they’ve left Lincoln Centre for a leisurely stroll through central park (surely with the many layers worn the bitter New York chill would cease to exist).  Classic and effortless with a small twist of metropolis edge and charm, Perry Ellis took us on a weekend vacation in the Adirondack Mountains (think Woodstock in late autumn) from the silky modishness of the city.