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Oxford students are reprimanded after Varsity ski trip goes awol.

Ha- Ha- If only the dean could see us now. Oy- what's that thing jabbing my backside?




Don't mind us- we're just here to represent Oxford.

Shouldn’t Oxford students be respectable members of society?

Things are not looking too well for Oxford after word and images got out that some of its alumni had a bit too much fun at a recent ski outing which had tongues wagging and school officials doing some soul searching.

telegraph.co.uk: For almost 90 years the annual Varsity skiing trip has offered some of the country’s brightest students the chance to socialise on the slopes.

Undergraduates from Oxford and Cambridge have traditionally taken part in a series of alpine challenges aimed at promoting fun and building bonds.

But during the most recent trip, activities became so raucous, that one concerned college has told it students they must learn to behave in a more dignified manner.

Hark. Ladies and gentlemen are you not like us somewhat distraught that these infidels chose to behave like regular college adolescents and not the way one would expect an Oxford bound scholar to?

The dean of St Anne’s College in Oxford, whose alumni include former minister Edwina Currie and broadcaster Martha Kearney, has told students to remember as representatives of Oxbridge, more is expected of them than those from other universities.

Hear hear. Indeed. Must the alumni remind itself the pedigree and history that it represents? To behave outside preferred decorum can only lead to a less than decorous disposition. Must we remind you that this is O-X-F-O-R-D!

Is that a whiskey bottle stuck between your butt cheeks? How funny.

The warning came after a number of the college’s students, who won the highly coveted Valley Rally challenge during the Varsity trip, were pictured cavorting half-naked in the snow and smearing food over one another.

Hundreds of onlookers also witnessed students simulating sex acts on one another and even eating snow which it was claimed had been urinated on.

Urinated on? Sex stimulation? Do these heathens think they are attending Stanford or UCLA? The bloody gall of these students. What will the public think now? I dare not think fellow alumni.

“….when photographs from the activities were published in the Sunday Telegraph one of the companies sponsoring the event, Scott Dunn – an upmarket travel firm – announced it was pulling out of any future association.

Now Dr Geraldine Hazburn, Dean of St Anne’s, has also taken action by summoning every student to get feedback on what happened. In an hour-long meeting she informed the students such activities violated college regulations.

Must we remind you of your station in life and the ferocity of your unruly behavior? It is done in America, and on occasion at Cambridge- but Oxford- prey we do not condone such lascivious behavior. Do you understand heathen!

One female undergraduate, who was among the 2,500 students on December’s Varsity ski trip, said: “I don’t think it’s a matter for the college to be dealing with. Other universities go on these trips and I’m sure they get up to worse stuff. The scandal will blow over.”

Blow over?! Are you to suggest we relax our standards and risk having our school being perceived anything less than the sum of its parts? My dears, I am afraid we are bound to tradition and predilection. 

Please in the future, if you wish to get shit faced do it in the privacy of some motel whilst holidaying in America on your school break. After all you are at O-X-F-0-R-D now.

Ha- Ha- If only the dean could see us now. Oy- what's that thing jabbing my backside?