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Liam McMullan will soon be the next talk show guru.


The Easy way to Quit.

Kids, I’m still trying to comb the fireballs out of my eye sockets after watching this tragic masterful video of Liam McMullan telling us the way it really is. With the elan reserved only for Holywood celebrities, Liam (notice the swept back greasy hair and the cooler than thou leaning back posture) postulates how you too can quit being a megalomaniac chain smoker.

In the background, we hear the voice of who can only be the love of his love life Aesha Waks who in no uncertain times is trying to get Liam to get a grip- but nevermind, with a haircut and grin like Liam’s he always knows better.

So in the event you feel like having the world explained to you, ’cause who doesn’t need the world explained to them every once in a while, sit back and watch this gem as Liam theorizes as to why you’ll never be quite as cool as him.

Don’t you wish you could quit too?

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    Well, that was compelling.