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Ex soldier punches and stomps 8 year old into coma over an X box game.


What’s eating Rocky Donadio?

Here’s a story that should have you wondering about one individual’s inability to deal with anger and the things that young boys accidentally do.

dailymail.co.uk:A former soldier brutally beat his girlfriend’s eight-year-old son into a coma because he accidentally deleted a game on his Xbox.

Rocky Donadio, a father-of-two, stomped on the boy’s stomach so hard he permanently damaged his internal organs. The boy will have to be fed through a tube for the rest of his life.

But if you think that’s crazy, then comes the online petition: ‘Donald is innocent’ by Donadio’s sister  and former platoon sergeant who somehow have adopted the point of view the young boy was asking for it.

They describe him as a keen angler, who is ‘patient, affectionate, and nurturing to his children as well as to the children to whom he has been a father figure for the past year.’

So affectionate it seems, that Donadio spend the greater part of 5 months changing his story while the boy lay in a coma, from minor accident, to a ‘wrestle’ match that got out of hand only to be exposed after detectives inabilities to make sense of the extent of the injuries with Donadio’s story until the boy finally woke up from his coma and explained in detail what had happened.

But when the boy woke up from his coma, he told police Donadio had repeatedly stomped on him and beaten him as punishment for his mistake.

For his part, Donadio was sentenced to a 75 year jail sentence for child abuse whilst the young boy will spend his entire life forced to eat out of a tube. Which begs the greater question, how did a former soldier take a situation like this out of context and turn a domestic situation into a war like situation? Is it really that hard to break out of mortally attacking other human beings once trained to be a killer or is there something on a deeper level eating Rocky Donadio?



  1. I think before we call any judgements here we should know what game it was that had its save deleted.

  2. I just think the majority of people are getting caught up in the maylay of the media circus over this incident. Everybody loses control of their anger. The critics in this situation are just as vicious if not more than they accuse him of being. If you are really honest with yourself, I’m sure you can find a situation or two where you acted less like an adult and anger took control. No one is perfect. To take one moment of mistake and paint him out to be a shell shocked soldier or a volitile predatorial monster is like saying the kid that steals candy from the candy bin at acme is a cleptomaniac. May I point out that up until this he was a productive member of society. I’m not saying model citizen but a decent human being with good attributes and flaws just as the rest of us have. Don’t think this or something like this couldn’t happen to you before you get all frothed at the mouth and start pointing your finger.This man had thirty two years of living his life relatively peaceably. He was making the same journey we all are. With a family, a circle of friends and relationships. He wasn’t a criminal. He did his best, I’m sure to carve a life out of the circumstances he was given. He served his time in the military and gave back to his country. Which is more than I can say for most people. He didn’t ask anything of anyone and supported himself. My sympathy goes out to you and yours Rocky.

  3. It’s amazing to me how someone like yourself can take a story that you have only heard part of and ,in your words,” take a situation out of context” and turn it into something that gets your blog/site/whatever attention. With no evidence to support your comment about his sister and former platoon sergeant “adopting the point of view the young boy was asking for it” or your lack of documentation of the boy waking up and telling the cops the whole story, your “stories” should be filed under exaggerated, embellished, and even non-fictional. Anyone who would like FACTS or details about this case should visit donadiosinnocent.com. FYI, of the people who know Rocky, more are in support of him than are against him.

    The Former Platoon Sergeant’s Wife

  4. PTSD is a bitch. I have no idea why we glorify soldiers as much as we do. Being in a war zone fucks you up. You just are not the same person when you come out. Some people are better at covering it up but the damage is done. They did psychological evaluations of veterans of the battle of the bulge (that was sustained combat) and 98% of them showed signs of sever psychological trauma. The other 2% were psychopaths before they went in.

    I don’t know anything about the man in question, he could just be a complete dick and not have PTSD.

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