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Ex model murdered in the projects.


What was Jomali Morales doing at 4am at an infamous housing project when she was murdered?

At risk of offending family members and friends, this author dares to wonder aloud how it came that Jomali Morales was found mortally stabbed 20 times and left to die at the base of elevator banks at the infamous housing projects- Baruch Houses at the dead of night? Why infamous? Because it is the lower east side capital of New York city crack drug dealing dens.

dailymail.co.ukHer body was found at 5am in a pool of blood in the elevator of the notorious Baruch Houses, Manhattan’s largest housing project, which has 2100 apartments, on February 13.

It is not clear what she was doing in the neighbourhood locals described as ‘unsafe’ at such a time in the morning.

One day earlier a 30-year-old woman was stabbed to death just after 4am at the same housing project.

Anyone in their right mind would know better to stay away from such a facility, especially at that time of day, but then perhaps one could wonder Ms Morales wasn’t in her right mind when she decided to turn up at a rampant drug complex (a cursory walk in front of the complex will have you noticing youth peddling narcotics- but if you prefer to believe that they are not that is just fine too. Why the police let go on is another question all together…).

The police also revealed that she did not know anybody in the project and that her purse was found on the grass nearby, although it is not yet clear if her valuables were taken.

Her mother Petra Vitale said: ‘Why she went there, I don’t know. She must have known someone there.’

She must have known someone there? If that is the case- why haven’t they spoken up? Perhaps this was an instance of bad timing, wrong place and an innocent soul who didn’t know where she was going. But in a city that exists with pervasive racial prejudices, an undercurrent of narcotics trafficking (as is the practice of housing complexes) – being a woman out of context from what normally passes for de rigeur can sometimes get you in trouble. In an ideal world such things should never matter, but in the dead of night, in the wrong part of town, with a history of social decay and narcotics trafficking, decorum and civility go out the window. Something one suspects Ms Morales must have been aware of and chose to ignore or at the very least risk for some other reason…



  1. First of all, you didn’t know Jomali. You never did and now you never will. You don’t know her life’s story and you certainly never stood by her through it. She was a beautiful, vivacious and strong woman and to speculate about her reasons for being in that area in the way you, the author, have is to minimize her death and to blatantly say “she deserved it”. I find you to be a repugnant and shallow excuse for a human being hiding behind the guise of “daring to ask unanswered questions”
    Here is your answer: It does not matter why she was there, or how she got there. What matters is that a MONSTER, a soulless corpse masquerading as a person, ended the life of woman who was a mother, a daughter, a friend and a sister. . . and caused pain on countless numbers of people. The simple fact is that we do not yet know why she was there and we may never know.

    With all due respect, take your speculations and shove them. They aren’t helping anyone.

  2. #1 – Daily Mail has it wrong; the unidentified 30 y/o woman they mention in their article turned out to be the former Ms. Morales (age 42). So there were NOT 2 stabbing murders in elevators @ Baruch on that particular weekend.

    As the previous poster said, having grown up in the neighborhood and still having friends whose parents live in those same projects, I too have always felt safe around the projects of the L.E.S. It was not until my 81 year old uncle was murdered in his home (LaGuardia projects) 2 years ago that I began to feel differently about them.

    Baruch projects is only a few blocks away from where Ms. Morales lived. If she ran into some old neighborhood friends at some point during her evening out, it would not be strange for her to end up at one of their homes nearby (not everyone who lives in the projects is a drug dealing/using murderer).

    Having said all of that – may Ms. Morales rest in peace, and I hope her murderer finds a similar, slower & more painful fate.

  3. I grew up in those same projects and surprisingly always felt safe there until my friend’s death. When one grows up in those projects they naively think the same kind of people that we grew up with are still living there. Whatever the reason for her being there, no one deserves to die the way she did. May she rest in peace and may the animal that did this burn in hell for all eternity.

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