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Why I will Miss Keith Olbermann, The Progressive Paul Revere


This article comes courtesy of our friend Christopher London – whose wonderful blog we fully recommend: www.christopherlondonblog.com


In the News & Opinion & Entertainment Media, the fringe lunacy represented by BeckO’ReillyPalinLimbaugh et. al etc. or America’s Ministry of Disinformation & Propaganda had ONE MANwho was successfully able to cross their signals, get up in their face and get a wide swath of this country not simply to understand how truly ridiculous, dangerous and often manipulative was their rhetoric but also empowered the sleeping to get up and take them on.

That one person with all due respect was not Steven Colbert nor was it Jon Stewart on The Daily Show or even Rachel Maddow. That is no disrespect for Jon Stewart. He makes you laugh at the ministers of disinformation in American Media.  Keith Olbermann on his show Countdown with Keith Olbermann with his combative liberal perspective made you understand the gravity of their disinformation and the depth of the harm being wrought on civil society, and just maybe made you angry enough to want to do something about it.  Rachel Maddow is perhaps one of the most gifted media personalities in America today.  Her intellect, charm and manners bode well for the future character of our media as well as  the future of MSNBC.  Maddow is dignified as she is hip in her simple brilliance and in exposing the hypocrisy of other media personalities.  You become smarter for simply watching her.Maddow makes you understand it all intellectually so just maybe you can impress your friends at cocktail parties with your vivid dissection of the right; and after all wouldn’t a more dignified debate between the left and the right ultimately elevate our society?

Was Keith Olbermann equally over the top as some on the fringe right? Absolutely, but when Paul Revere went on his Midnight Rideand advised us ‘the British are coming’, would it have bothered you if that Midnight Ride took place in 2007 or 2008 and instead of a horse he did it in a PORSCHE 911 Turbo with a loud megaphone mounted atop his speedy vehicle?  Keith Olbermann on MSNBC in the evening hours was a modern day Paul Revere awakening and rallying the masses from their stupefying slumber.  That he ‘needed to go’ makes you realize why he and his anti-establishment rants and perhaps speaking truth to power was perceived as more dangerous to the members of the existing social order than those in the Ministry of Disinformation & Propaganda combined with thedistraction culture of the entertainment industry. The combo not only gets America to regularly dine on their own excrement but also each other, rather than their ruling elite, keeping our citizenry disengaged and in a state of cannibalistic and coprophagiac bliss.  Similarly, you can see why they may feel much safer with  David Gregory at the helm on Meet the Press than they did with Tim Russert. You always got the sense that even Tim might deviate from the script and ask a question or share some information that might lead viewers to see the man in the curtained off booth which is why his mysterious death troubled me and others. In America, we no longer want or need you to see ‘The Great Oz’ or even understand the Zeitgeist.

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The lynching of American media and Keith Olbermann.



  1. 1. You have to be brain-dead to watch cable news.

    2. Keith Olbermann was on cable news.

    3. You are brain-dead.

    I mean, seriously? Olbermann? What are you like 12?

  2. I like watching Keith’s show it is very informative and is very straight forward unlike Fox News which many of you foolishly watch even though you know you are being lied to makes me think of the war in Iraq a war started basically on lies and was proven so yet we continue to fight there JUST DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE.

    I respect Keith’s journalism so much that I got hooked onto his show i was flipping through the channels a year and a half ago seeing what all the major news networks are talking about off course Fox news just made me switch the channel right away then same thing happened with CNN but not as swift as fox I then turned to MSNBC watched the whole episode of “Countdown With Keith Olbermann” and was immediately hooked not only can I see the true sense of journalism from this guy I can also see what he was bringing to the show was the Truth something foxnews is the opposite of.

    I am very disappointed with Keith’s decision cause hes one of the last few real journalists around that will tell it like it is much less so with Jon Stewart who although chooses the satirical route with his show yet he tell you the news without covering up the truth like foxnews yes foxnews. One thing that comes to mind that may be the reason for his sudden unfortunate departure might be the Gabrielle Gifford’s shooting and the not surprising post response from our very patriotic politicians. I couldn’t be more disgusted when Sarah Palin and the likes thereof acted like they had no accountability for what happened even though she proudly used terms like RELOAD! I can see why Keith might not want to be any part of such a corrupt and atrocious system of government where blame is passed onto each other instead of claiming accountability like Keith did and surprisingly John McCain. Although they are not directly responsible for the Arizona shooting they stood up and said something out of their hearts instead of their behinds like Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, & Rush Limbaugh have been doing.

    I wish Keith all the best kind of like how i did the same with Dan Rather who was also a journalist I had huge respects for its a shame how we just keep sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss where the truth is very hard to come by its all up to Jon Stewart Now.

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