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Portugese journalist discovered castrated at hotel.

Castro to the left and his male model lover to the right.

Castro to the left and his male model lover, Renato Seabra to the right.

When love goes terribly wrong.

Last week we reported about one individual who decided after the new year to remove his testicles with a knife and throw them in the park , this time we report about the unsavory incident of a 65 year old Portugese journalist, Carlos de Castro who was bludgeoned to death in a luxury NYC hotel room and whom also had his scrotum cut off. Foul play indeed. At present authorities are questioning his 20 something male lover- Renato Seabra.

nydailynews : The naked body of Carlos de Castro, 65, was found face-up in a pool of blood inside his 34th-floor room at the InterContinental New York Times Square on W. 44th St. about 7 p.m. Friday, the sources said.

The prominent gay activist and society columnist had been bludgeoned in the head and his scrotum cut off, sources said.

What one has to wonder if this was a crime of malice or passion? If it was done out of malice quite possibly as a result of the journalist’s positions we ought to be quite saddened that a journalist has to fear for his life because of their espoused points of views- even pro gay. On the other hand if he was bludgeoned out of passion by his lover, perhaps feeling jilted, neglected or any other emotion that one could suspect that could lead to a lover reacting this way then we also ought to be concerned that slighted love interests do not know how to adequately address their deep anguish. After all it could only require deep anguish to bludgeon someone’s head and the demised act of cutting off their scrotum.

His suspected killer – Renato Seabra, a Portuguese male model who was staying with Castro at the InterContinental – was found four hours later at Roosevelt Hospital in Midtown, the sources said.

Investigators believe Seabra, a former Portuguese reality show contestant, attacked his older lover after Castro accused him of stealing cash, the sources said.

And if we are to believe that the young man is indeed responsible, he was later found out after a nurse and taxi driver committed to memory the atrocious circumstances of his boyfriend’s death(how can you not?) one has to wonder what type of relationship did the two have that would neccesitate such a violent reaction? Or could one argue that this is a typical reaction of a young man scorned and having his masculinity brought into question and thus reacting in the only way tolerable in their own mind to exact revenge and one’s sense of twisted self.

Investigators believe the fighting intensified Friday, and a couple staying in a room two doors down heard the two men arguing hours before the murder.

“There was a lot of noise, talking,” said Suzanne Divilly, 40, who was celebrating her honeymoon in the city.

“You could hear them arguing in the corridor and even in our room,” she said. “We didn’t think anything of it, because it was none of our business.”

Detectives think Seabra grabbed a laptop and bashed Castro over the head with it, police sources said.

As the journalist lay bleeding on the floor of the disheveled room, the model used a broken wine glass to castrate his lover.

To be sure love can be blissful, but the moment it turns sour- it can also be very cruel and utterly painful.



  1. I’m sorry, but the family is denying why? LOL the kid travel with a journalist (if we can call it that) to launch is career of model??? When he wasn’t of much interessed in the Portugal fashion?
    Of course the family and friends defend him, we are a country of poor people…I would like to see after the trial the face of those people and what they would say….
    A kid that goes with an older men because of the money, them does that horrible thing and say that now is free from the “homosexual demons”?? Yes…a good son no doubt….As they say in Portugal…the quiet ones are the worst….LOL
    Not that I like older men that date young people with an age to be their grandson, but, the men didn’t deserve that and the kid deserves to stay in jail, and I hope that is in the USA, because in Portugal in 6 years he is out and free….

  2. Ines,
    It is very sad to hear what denial will do to people. Perhaps it helps them deal with the shock of something as grotesque as this.
    I am writing from Canada, and U.S. laws are similar to ours. They have charged him with murder after he confessed. Because of the heinous nature of the murder he is having his head examined. Most murderer’s don’t sit and mutilate the body over a long period of time.
    I think this Renato kid figured his beauty could get him anything, even playing the older guy for money in exchange for gay sex. But he didn’t want his family and friends to know that he was play acting the gay prostitute role.
    When the older man took it for real, the kid went nuts. I think he had mental problems stewing in his head for a long time.

  3. ines Henriques Jan 11, 2011, 1:06pm EST
    You all should know that in Portugal Renato’s family and friends are totally denying that he was gay. In fact they all say that the relation between them was purely professional. His three-month girlfriend had come forward confirming that. Everyone that knows personaly the model were completely taken by surprise, as we was considered a very quiet and shy and pacific person, good student and very friendly. All his university mates have confirmed that he is heterosexual. Nobody that knows him, believe is gay.
    On the other hand Carlos friend’s confirmed that they were, in fact, dating. Its very confusing and in Portugal, people don’t know what to think anymore. Some don’t even believe he’s capable of hurting someone…
    I only thought that you should know the confusion originated in people’s mind, mainly in Renato’s hometown due to his loveble character…They are even doing a Mass for Renato…

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