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Man chops off his own testicles and throws them in park.


Desperate to become a woman, one man decides to take measures into his own hands.

One man determined to not wait one more minute in his quest to become a woman over the weekend decided to slice off his testicles, hurl them into a park and then proceed to wait 24 hours before seeking medical attention.

: The man, from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, was so determined to undergo gender realignment surgery that he decided to carry it out himself without the usual anesthetics.

He told stunned doctors in Accident and Emergency that he experienced ‘a lot less pain’ than he had expected – before doctors stitched his wounds and offered him psychiatric help.

Which begs the question, why then and now? Had he not been undergoing counseling? Was he not involved in some program and if he were how much more time would he have to wait to undergo due diy process? Or can even wonder if this was just a sudden imperative, perhaps inspired by the coming of the new year that he had to become the woman he felt he was?

It was thought the man had been suffering from ‘gender confusion issues’ when he chopped them off and hurled them into Queens Park, Chesterfield-England.

Even though this individual has committed the irreversible act of disavowing his physical masculinity, the bigger question exists- how does one actually define masculinity and femminity and is it enough to say by cutting off one’s testicles arriving at such a preferred stage of mind is achieved?

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  • emily

    why does this article refer to this person as “him” when she obviously identifies as a woman?