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Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer want you to know they are prepared to fight to the bitter end!


Gather round, it’s time to get your ring-side seats for Grammer vs. Grammer.

Kelsey Grammer wants you to know he’s ready to get rid of Camille, his long time wife and star of the Real Hoes Housewives of Beverly Hills, so he no longer has to “prolong his happiness.”

In other words, Kelsey wants to marry his young love puppy Kayte Walsh— now. Camille who met Kayte for the first time last week, in a meeting which she referred to as a bitch “awkward,” has refused a $30 million dollar divorce settle, and is reportedly seeking $50 million dollars from her estranged husband.

Grammer, who insists he’s satisfied almost every requirement of the divorce, wants the judge to overrule Camille’s rejection of a quick divorce, so that he marry his mistress, who coincidentally happens to be more than two decades his junior and is probably anxiously looking to upgrade move things on herself.

HuffPo: Kelsey Grammer, who left his wife Camille in July for younger woman Kayte Walsh, has been engaged in acrimonious divorce proceedings and on Wednesday demanded that the presiding judge in the case grant him an immediate dissolution to his marriage.

Wasn’t it wonderful, Camille, when you were the young, hot thing who was the object of Kelsey Grammer’s affection? We want to know, now, was it worth the Botox, the breast implants to keep yourself in good working order for your man with a proclivity for the young blondes? You had to know your newer model would come around sooner or later, didn’t you? Or was that just a secret that bad old Kelsey kept to himself?

Ah, true tainted love. But really, can there be a broken heart that a cool 50 mil can’t fix?