Home Scandal and Gossip Homeless man found trapped inside garbage truck.

Homeless man found trapped inside garbage truck.


Existential woe to warm your heart up.

You know life isn’t going too smooth when you wake up to find yourself stuck inside a large garbage truck. How did this situation come to pass for one particular individual you wonder? Let’s put on our most raggedy clothes and follow this way…

myfoxfdw.com :DALLAS – Dallas emergency personnel used ladders and ropes to rescue an apparent homeless man buried in garbage in the back of a trash-hauling vehicle. The injured man was transported to a Dallas hospital early Monday. Further details on his condition were not immediately available.

Investigators believe the man was sleeping in a trash bin that was emptied into the garbage truck.

One day when you are walking by a large trash bin you too will suddenly have an urge to jump in there and seek refuge until you realize somehow you will end up all alone in an empty garbage truck or floating aimlessly alone in some deep land fill somewhere in never ever land.

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