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Anna and Guy Esposito are told that their cat Sal must still perform jury duty.


The city of Boston wants you to know, if you’re accounted for on its census, you will have to perform jury duty, no matter what. Just ask Anna and Guy Esposito.

HuffPo : Boston resident Sal Esposito recently got called in for jury duty. He might have some problems performing this required task, though, as Sal is a cat.

It’s good to know that our country is so carefully calculating the documents which create the data used to analyze the demographics of our entire country….

The problem arose after owners Anna and Guy Esposito listed him on the last U.S. Census under “pet.” Anna filed for his disqualification of service. He was not “too old,” “ill,” or a “convicted felon,” so she filed that he “cannot speak English.”

That wasn’t good enough for the jury commissioner, Anna Esposito’s request was denied. Sal is still expected at Suffolk Superior Court on March 23rd, and the Esposito’s are still trying to fix this misunderstanding before his scheduled court date.

We’re just glad that Sal is a cat.  At least they’re known to have some sense of intelligence. God forbid that Sal was a goldfish. At least if the defendant is innocent Sal can purr, and if they are guilty- a simple hiss would suffice.

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