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What your weed smoking choices really say about you?


Heaven is staring at you, or rather going up in smoke....

It doesn’t matter whether you smoke or not, it’s how you smoke the good shit that says a lot about you…

Trying to figure out who you really are deep inside…

The joint man: What it says about you: You have only just started dabbling but then again there’s always time to corrupt you…

Gawker: You have been smoking a very long time and you probably smoke quality weed. You don’t smoke every day, but enough that you always have weed in the house. You don’t mind sharing, especially with your group of well-heeled and liberal friends. You are a type-A personality, probably in a creative field, and you spend all day imposing control on the world so your only escape is when you are completely blitzed.

Because only Type A’s are comfortable waving their magic wands around while they are in la la land. Does this sound like you?

The pipe man: What It Says About You: The sad state of your affairs…

Your weed sucks, and you need more than just a few tokes to get stoned. You smoke pretty regularly now, especially before playing XBox and watching Family Guy. But soon you’ll get married, move to the suburbs, and have kids. Then you’ll pull your bowl out when your old friends come visit and you’ll get secretly stoned in the garage to feel like you’re young again. Oh, if your pipe is glass with multi-colored swirls on it, you’re probably a girl, attractive, just a little bit slutty, and a vegetarian.

Better to hide the evidence that you are a stoner and have habits too unwieldy for your next door neighbors who drive a Volvo. That on the other hand does not apply if you happen to be a hot vegetarian slutty girl. Even god makes exceptions for hot girls who use the pipe.

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