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US Agents Charged with Boozing During Nuke Transport Missions, Get Detained by Cops


Office of Surface Transportation (OST) servicemen have been charged with carting America’s nuclear weapon caches around the country while intoxicated  during transport missions.

According to a report released by the Energy Department’s Office of Inspector General, 16 alcohol-related incidents were reported between 2007 and 2009.

The Washington Post further explained: Two separate incidents involved extended overnight missions where OST agents parked convoy vehicles in safe harbor before checking in at nearby hotels, the report said. An agent was arrested in 2007 for public intoxication, and two agents were handcuffed and temporarily detained by police officers in 2009, according to the report.

Though the Energy Department’s own National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) report stressed that none of the drinkers were caught while driving or on active duty, the question arises how such news, which we would imagine would never ordinarily make the time of day, somehow gets leaked to the public? Could this just be a strategic act?

A potentially megadeath-sized human oversight defused just in time by the government good guys: Is there a no more convenient method for a state to further induce terror, from both within and without, while simultaneously building trust in its security measures?

Of course, all that really matters is that such stories serve only to perpetuate panic whether they’re being strategically allowed coverage or not. But if such horrifying things are happening we still not only need to know, but deserve to know about it… how’s that for a newsmaker’s caveat?

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