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Tourist killed by lions while showering.


The inconvenient things that happen in the wild.

Pete Evershed met with a horrid death when he chose to take a shower in an open enclave in a camp overlooking the pristine vista of a pride of lions. Except ultimately as much as Mr Evershed was viewing the lions, it seems they were viewing him too…

UK Telegraph: The man was attacked while using an outside shower at a fishing camp near Mana Pools National Park, Johnny Rodrigues, chairman of the Zimbabwean Conservation Task Force told German news agency DPA.

The area, located on the Zambesi River, is popular with hunters, most of whom stay in basic camps that offer little protection against attack by wild animals.

Which is not to say that Mr Evershed and others like him had no prior warning…

The attack is the latest in a string of lion attacks in the area, Mr Rodrigues said.

Eight villagers were killed in a spate of lion attacks over a period of about two months this year, he said. Those attacks only stopped when a pride of lions was killed.

Which should be warning enough to use discretion. After all the illusion of grandeur and wonder might be becoming and overwhelming, one has to remember as much as it appears to be a man made construct, in the end nature with its unique twists and turns, including tsunami’s, tornadoes and earthquakes and not to mention fiesty pride of lions will always agree otherwise.

In the end Mr Evershed’s wife could only watch in horror as 5 lions mauled her husband. So much for the beauty of nature…