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Ten day old baby dies after her mother puts her through an entire spin cycle in washing machine


Even police were said to be in tears after responding to the accidental death of a ten-day-old infant, Maggie-May Fiddler whose 26-year-old mother, Lyndsey, accidentally put her in the washing machine.

The Daily Mail reported: “A veteran police chief, who has witnessed multiple murders and gangland shootings, said it was the most tragic crime scene he has ever investigated.”

A concerned relative who’d come by to check on Lyndsey found her passed out, her daughter Maggie-May missing, and strange sounds coming from the washing machine. When she opened it up, Maggie-May was in there with the clothes and had already gone through a full spin-cycle.

Fiddler, whom is said to have ‘a long criminal history’ and was arrested earlier this year for taking drugs while pregnant, is suspected of having been on crystal meth the night her child died.

Which is perhaps the most delicate way of saying that they suspect she’d been strung out and[ on a crystal cleaning frenzy when she accidentally loaded her baby into the machine thinking she was clothing. Just writing it is enough to make one feel like crying…

Lyndsey May Fiddler