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Rachel McAdams Warned Against Making ‘Stupid Movies’ By American Border Police


Rachel McAdams will have to stop making ‘stupid movies’ and stop dying her hair even stupider colors if she ever wants to be let back into America again… At least that’s what one ‘abusive’ immigration official told the the pink-haired Canadian born starlet last time she tried to get in.

Though the green-card carrying McAdams was allegedly ‘too polite’ to ask the official which movies she’d been thinking of specifically (how sickeningly saccharine), it’s not hard to imagine that she probably meant all of them (The Hot Chick, anyone?).

But is it luck or just providence that such an outrageous outburst would be so aptly timed as to coincide with the promotion for Rachel’s new November 10th Harrison Ford movieMorning Glory.

Why is it stars and starlets always seem to become newsworthy victims, or what passes for newsworthy victims anyway, just in time to capitalize on some much needed free publicity? Surely they’re always victims, aren’t they (no quotation marks around that word necessary)…

Can we really call these easily repeatable, and painfully typical, patronizing barrages of shamelessly self-promoting reportage smut when they barely even amount to the type publicist-approved fun worth the effort of flicking your thumb to catch the nightly TMZ TV re-run? What happened to tabloids that make us realize we’ve always been living a real-life John Waters movie, that make us question the nature of things as absurd as celebrity? Shouldn’t we demand more discriminating paparazzi?