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Night Brings Love and Passion…


It was notably appropriate for the Night Italia (brother of Night NYC magazine) presentation to be at the Gershwin hotel, adjacent to the infamous Museum of Sex, as the event portrayed underground art as being a kind of love and passion that arouses ones senses and curiosity, much like sex itself. Immediately I became entranced by the small room in which the handful of guests were to watch both Anton Perich and Marco Fiormanti’s selected films as well as hear a reading by Kristina Korsholm (the beautiful Danish author of NYC Head Over (high) Heels).

While ultimately, the only films viewed were by Anton Perich (the Italian films would not play in the American DVD player), we were treated to a rather beautiful performance art piece and story by the dear Mr. Fiormanti. And thus, an appreciation for both Night NYC and Night Italia was to take place at the end of the two-hour intimate preview.

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Night NYC was introduced to the city during a time of disco-night clubs (Studio 54 circa) to expose and recognize the trendsetting ways of the alluring, the exclusive, the intelligent and the controversial faces that created underground culture. Thus, since 1978, Anton Perich has spent over twenty years nationally and internationally distributing the poetry of that culture that captures and influences all readers and potential readers of Night NYC.

The creator behind this magazine (that is distributed in the form of news print) is an accomplished painter, photographer and filmmaker, recognized for his 1973 public access show Anton Perich Presents (featuring the controversial artists of the downtown scene) and being close friends with Andy Warhol and contributing photographer to Warhol’s Interview Magazine.

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