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Mario Barrett, reality star beats his druggie mom up.


Mario, R&B Singer and former Dancing with the Stars, has been charged beating up his mom in her Baltimore home; but according to his attorney, only because she is addicted to drugs.

Officers responded to a call early Friday morning from a Fells Point neighborhood apartment where Shawntia Hardaway, alleged her son Mario Barrett had pushed her.

KansasCity.com: “According to charging documents, Hardaway said her head still hurt after Barrett pushed her into a wall in a separate instance on Monday and she feared for her life. Officers found broken glass and a hole in door in their apartment.”

Shawntia, dear, maybe it’s huffing on that crack pipe all day that is making your head hurt. Why don’t you try to take a few cleansing breaths before your next fix, we’re sure you’ll feel much better.

Mario’s attorney, William “Hassan” Murphy III, said the incident is an “unfortunate incident” between a mother and loving son with a tumultuous relationship due to Hardaway’s drug use.  Mario has acknowledged his mother’s drug use publicly, trying to tackle it in an MTV special in which he staged an intervention for his mother. Obviously, like most reality show “interventions”, this one failed as well.

Charged with second degree assault, Mario was released on $50,000. We hope that Mario and his mom resolve this quickly, there is nothing like a drug induced squabble to ruin a perfectly sound music career, or wait, now that isn’t right. Mario, on second thought, we suggest you cash in on this as much as you can, come on; use it to transform yourself to super stardom, all of your media whore pals are doing it.

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