Home Nightlife Dedar launches its US presence at Bergdorf Goodman.

Dedar launches its US presence at Bergdorf Goodman.

Dedar installation

Pictures courtesy of PMC and Katherine Kostreva. From left to right- Amy Lau and Caterina Fabrizio

Designers and design enthusiasts alike came together to celebrate the new installation of Bergdorf Goodman‘s 7th floor last Wednesday, September 29th. The chic evening was an elegant collaboration in honor of both Italian and French complimentary design.

The launch featured Italian textile design house Dedar‘s first ever retail product line of vibrant pillows, as well as French designer Jean Boggio‘s new furniture collection for Franz. It was an exciting night, as even Martha Stewart came to browse the collection and join in the celebration alongside Dedar brother/sister owners Caterina and Raffaele Fabrizio, and Jean Boggio.

Martha Stewart
Caterina Fabrizio and Martha Stewart.

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