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‘Closer’ is Close to Perfect


Closer is a show for adults. Alice plies her profession onstage, and the language is frequently vulgar. It serves as a fitting diversion to the play’s true obscenity: what these people do to each other.

They lie, cheat, and manipulate each other in a captivating round-robin of revenge that ends only when—well, that would be telling. Go see this play. Go see it, go see it, go see it.

This is the premiere play of Silent Street Productions, founded by director Christopher Cohen and producer Isaac Dayley. Using a modest budget, they effectively transform an empty ¾ thrust stage into the relationship warzone that is Closer.

“I’ve never felt closer to a play in my life,” says Cohen.  “It’s like someone took my life and broke it up into four characters.” A startling revelation, given what the characters do to each other.

Cohen has molded a controversial script into some truly dynamic theatre. It’s dark, sexy, heart-wrenching, and fantastic.

Cohen & Dayley founded Silent Street deliberately to produce Closer, and are looking forward to their next joint venture.  So am I, folks. And so should you.