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Whitney Eve 2011 Spring/Summer- full of whimsy!


Whitney Eve 2011 Spring Summer 2011. Images courtesy of POSHGLAM.com

The Whitney Eve S/S 2011, designed by MTV’s The City star, Whitney Port, was exactly what you would expect; the collection was much like the show itself, niche marketed and overproduced, but right on target with the gimmick it was going for: pretty, patterned, mix and match looks designed almost exclusively for the MTV generation. Whitney Port knows who she is designing for, girls aspiring to be exactly what she is, and in that respect, she continues to, almost flawlessly; give those girls what they want.

In terms of wearability and functionality, Whitney’s spring and summer looks create a cohesive collection of fun, hip, mix and match pieces that are geared towards reaching a woman’s individual personality. Although the collection is meant to be for all ages, we have a hard time imagining any professional over the age of twenty five wearing Whitney Eve.  The collection was full of whimsy and beauty, characteristics you’d expect from Whitney Eve, but with Whitney now being a New York City, and not Southern California, resident; it would have been refreshing to see a bit more Manhattan and a bit less Malibu in the mix. Although, to her defense, Whitney did design pin tucked blouses and high-waisted skirts that added a sophisticated-chic to the collection that Port seemed, in some looks, to be searching for.