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Tibi 2011 Spring Collections.


Photography by Arthur Eisenberg. Tibi Spring/Summer 2011 Collections.

As I sat waiting for the Tibi Spring 2011 show to start, I tried not to let extraneous circumstances cloud my vision and potentially taint my review. It was one of those Fashion Week days: no sleep, no food, and everything feels wrong. The music was too loud, the crowd too annoying, the security guards too rough. The show had clearly been overbooked, despite the addition of several dozen seats in a row down the middle of the runway. Three 7-year-old boys sat in the front row, to my self-righteous horror.  As the lights went down and the show began I took a deep breath and hoped for the best.

I needn’t have worried. Amy Smilovic, the woman behind Tibi, knows women’s bodies. And, judging from her designs, loves the hell out of them. Her models had simple ponytails, a clean face and a berry lip. Nothing to distract from the clothes, which were wearable to the extreme: flattering for any body type, unique and the type of dress that will last a lifetime.



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