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Silhouette Building Sets the Gold Standard of Green


Photography by Corner Lazia. Reka Nyari with Photographers Paul de Luna and Erica Simone.

There are moments—those rare, freak occurrences where all the pieces come together to create something marvelous. It’s amazing when it happens by accident, and it’s nothing short of spectacular when it’s made by design. Photographer Reka Nyari (somewhat NSFW site) and eco-friendly philanthropist Robert Roth are two proven masters of such design.

Reka—an absolute stunner with a photographer’s eye for fire—curated her maiden photo show in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Four floors of stunning photography made a fine complement to one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the country. The Silhouette has top certification from EnergyStar, FSC and LEED— it’s green with a capital G.

Reka Nyari, photographer Phillip Graybill, Mark Bamber
Reka Nyari and Photographer Bill Phelps