Home Visual Arts Patrick McMullan and Amber De Vos present ‘Me, Nycelf, and Eye.’

Patrick McMullan and Amber De Vos present ‘Me, Nycelf, and Eye.’

Image courtesy of Mary Blanco.

Photography courtesy of PMC. L to R. P McMullan, B Davidson, A DeVos, C Close.

Amber De Vos‘ collection, ‘Me, Nycelf, and Eye’ opened Wednesday at the BoConcept store on west 18th st. Hosted by Patrick McMullan, the event was most certainly a high-profile one; almost everyone that Patrick introduced me to was followed up with a confident “google him,” and I’m sure that if I did I would probably have felt even more out of place. Patrick himself was a riot, turning to take a picture of me and having me say my name into the camera’s mic.

“I can’t see and I can’t hear but I’m nice.”

“That’s all that counts right?”

“Well it helps.”

Patrick is a great example of the fact that a genuine, good-natured jovial personality will get you where you need to go. After meeting him I wasn’t surprised that Patrick was able to gather such a big crowd, with a winning smile and hearty laugh he wasn’t a hard man to like (of course it’s no secret our Editor- Scallywag just adores Patrick…most of the time anyway).

I turned to the pictures hanging on the walls. In the collection were four photos of shadows juxtaposed with items in the foreground. One picture was her own shadow with a photo booth strip being held up in front of the camera. One in particular called “Your sister’s Vagina?” was the same idea, with a picture of someone’s (her sister’s?) vagina lying on the ground over it.

Amber’s professional work with Patrick as a party photographer is reflected somewhat in her landscapes; vibrant, color-soaked sunset images. As aesthetic pieces they were certainly pleasing to look at but once again nothing that anyone with cursory knowledge of a camera couldn’t capture. But then again, Amber is beyond cursory…(to her credit Amber’s images have appeared in ArtForum, Vanity Fair, Vogue)

Amidst the many glitzy guests around,(painter Chuck Close, master photographer Bruce Davidson, socialites Sharon Bush and Emma Snowdon-Jones, Lady Liliana Cavendish, Wendy Diamond, fashion designer Nicole Miller, blogger Tia Walker, diamond jeweler John Magzalcioglu,  violinist Phillipe Quint, artists Michael Alan and David Foote ) I managed to catch a quick interview.

Casey Kelbaugh, Amber De Vos