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Nicholas K, the desert Victor.

Photography by Gordon Ho. Nicholas K- Spring/Summer 2011.

999. It’s not the devil in disguise. At least not quite. Or in an breezy, nonchalant kind of  way. September 9th, 9 a.m. It’s the very first show of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in its brand new high-brow venue (why do we keep religiously calling it Mercedes-Benz fashion week? We’ve called the cars plain Mercedes for decades, but if it’s fashion week, one has to be diligent about the  “–Benz”, it’s part of securing your license-to-breathe as a proper, deserving citizen on the right side of those elusive velvet ropes…).

But Nicholas K, for his very first solo performance, pulls out of the pressure-spotlight with a very laid-back, “I do-this-everyday-with-my-eyes-closed” elegance.

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  • I love this. Great writeup for a collection I wish I owned.