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Minka Kelly wants you to know she will do anything to make sure her pooch flies with her.


Why bother making the dog do dog tricks when you can get the passengers around you to do tricks?

Minka Kelly
, star of  “Friday Night Lights” can’t stare out the window unless she knows her confidante Chewie the mutt that fits in your handbag is there watching her and ready to lick the microscopic sweat of desperation upon impending flight departure. Of course that nearly didn’t come to be yesterday courtesy of a Delta air line steward who insisted that either the mutt be put in the baggage compartment or worse “Minka I don’t want to fly coach anymore,” haul her ass out of first class and into coach. To be sure this was Minka’s most dramatic role to date kids…

NY Gutter Post: The airline worker told Kelly that she couldn’t keep the dog’s carrier on the floor during takeoff and landing, adding that the distressed star had two choices: either put the pet in the baggage compartment or ship her off to somewhere else on the plane.

Which is like asking Lady Minka to either saw the right arm or the left arm off…

“I asked to speak to a supervisor, please,” Kelly told The Post last night after the incident, which sparked a wildfire of posts on the Internet.

“I called my manager’s assistant to make sure she arranged everything and went through certain steps to make sure the dog can fly,” added Kelly.

“I didn’t think there’d be a problem.”

Kelly didn’t think it would be a problem because Chewie the mutt whispered in her ear how much he loved her highness and that if the plane should self destruct while in the air he would be there to look longingly at her before whimpering to submission once the fireball would engulf them.

Kelly, 30, wound up accepting the offer of “a wonderful, wonderful woman next to me [who] said, ‘My parents are flying coach. My dad will switch seats with you if you want,’ ” she said.

Unlike first class, coach seats have enough room under them for pet carriers.

Kelly sat in coach for takeoff and landing, with Chewie in the carrier under her seat. She then returned to her first-class seat for the flight in between, with her dog safely in its carrier on the floor in front of her.

One day when Kelly is getting ready to be hit by an oncoming car, some miraculous individual is going to step up and volunteer that the car hit them instead. Kelly will in turn politely bow, let you die before resuming her rightful place next to Lord Chewie.