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Are you paying too much for the price of weed?


A new website now exists to help you figure out if you’re getting ripped off…

Ever wonder when your friendly dealer drops by and sells you the ‘good shit’ if you are paying fair market rate for it? Well, in case you were there’s a new website just for you to help you figure out if you’re really getting the deal the delivery boy insists s/he is giving you. Welcome to price transparency in the drug consumption world…

Gothamist: With the new website Price of Weed, there’s a quick and easy way to compare and contrast the current cost of pot.

The data is culled from anonymous price submissions, with suspiciously high or low prices eliminated from the calculation. In New York state, the average price of an ounce of weed varies depending on quality: $449.58 for high quality, $327.48 for medium quality, and $185.84 for an ounce of skunky dog shit. $60 seems to be the going rate for an eighth of high quality weed in NYC, but that doesn’t include tipping the delivery guy.

Isn’t it re assuring to finally know whether you are over paying or under paying to sit back and imbibe on the good shit…? Who knows you may end up moving up to Canada where it’s always plentiful and cheap.

$0-$300/.oz    $300-$400/.oz    $400+/.oz    No data    n= the sample size of submissions

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