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Ties to the Future: The new Breed of Gentlemen.


From left to right- Andrew Gamache, Stuart Orenstein, Jonathan Cohn

Stuart: “We’d love you for it. It’s what we would love to see more of. Have these students get access, exposure, wisdom, and compelling appreciation of what goes in a particular field. It can only enrich our society.”

SCV: “I can’t help but wonder what the motto on your card means?”

Stuart: “Fraternity, Integrity and hope.”

SCV: “Very noble. Would that be an apt description of you three gentlemen?”

Jonathan: “I think it would be an apt description of so many people we know who want to give back to society, who are looking to join arms and create something that is truly inspiring.”

SCV: ” Your future benefactors?”

Jonathan: “Benefactors, sponsors, trustees, field workers, concerned individuals who see the merit in our incentive and who can now join us in channeling the next crop of young individuals.”

SCV: “To become a fine breed of gentlemen like yourselves?”

It’s at this time we stop to laugh, enjoy the magnanimous portions heralding our plates and for this author the company of a beguiling trio of young men who we all need to watch out for.

Go to tiestothefuture.org to pledge or to find out about tomorrow’s Mercedes Benz Polo ChallengeFinal where the lads are sponsors and raising funds and awareness of said kindred cause.