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Ties to the Future: The new Breed of Gentlemen.


Fraternity, Integruty and Hope- 'Ties to the Future."

After all, when you know where that individual has gone, the mentoring that they have had you are more liable to negotiate things, opportunities with them. It’s important. I also think it’s something that we really want to do, we are very conscious of society’s imbalances and we think this is one way of addressing these concerns and grooming the next generation of youth.”

Jonathan Cohn: “I think it’s also important to note, we’ve come of age, after all how many times can you go out, just watch TV or have a drink with the boys. I think the fulfillment of giving back to society is incredible, it’s a pursuit and a passion that I really believe in and I think there are a lot of people who feel the same way and we want to join forces with them.”

SCV: “Who then have you aligned with?”

Andrew Gamache:
“Currently we are involved as one of the sponsors of the Mercedes Benz BridgeHampton Polo Challenge and it’s there we have access to a lot of people we all grew up with or work with and it’s through our public role and associations we bring awareness to our cause. We’re asking people to come to the polo final Saturday and pledge to our organization.”

Stuart Orenstein
: “We want to bring the kids to the polo match, we want them to experience this part of life too. But at the same time we are doing it to make sure that they too once they get in a position of authority  in turn  pledge their commitment to other students coming up through the system. It’s one thing to be intellectually rigorous, but another to understand and be positively challenged by the intangibles of what it takes to be a leader, a positive role model in society.

SCV: “Do you see yourselves as positive role models?”

The lads all start laughing, Mr Gamache suddenly reflecting:

“It’s what we want to do. It’s what we believe in and we need to spread this message, get other people who share our concerns, who have been fortunate to have receive a compelling education and have them help us address the current imbalances in society.”

SCV: “And you really think you are up to the task?”

Jonathan: “If not us who? We have come from this type of terrain, we understand and we are willing to help, we want to help, we want to build a bridge between those individuals who want to make something of themselves and those who are in a position to realize those ambitions.”

SCV: “What if I were to offer an internship to one of the students?”