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Julie Acevedo-Taylor is suing cafe for been tossed out for breast feeding her 5 month old.


Breast feeding the kids in public is getting a tad touchy…

Have you ever been in a public space and wondered when a young mother has started breast feeding her child how gross she is for doing it in public? Well, you’re wrong to think so. And now a new case has pitted one mother between one caffe, where the mother is suing for large mullah. For the large embarrassment and loss of dignity that is…

NY Post: Talk about lactose intolerance.

A female manager allegedly threw a Manhattan mother out of a Midtown chocolate shop for breastfeeding her baby there – leaving the mom so traumatized that she hasn’t been able to feed her child in public since.

Now the mad mom, Julia Acevedo-Taylor, is suing Lily O’Brien’s Chocolate Cafe for causing her “severe embarrasment, severe shame, severe humiliation, severe emotional distress and loss of dignity.”

Which leads us to wonder is how much is all this trauma going to cost Lily O’Brien’s Cafe? More than a free cup of cafe and a comfort of apology…

“[N]o part of either the plaintiff’s nor Augustoplos’s nipples were exposed” – and there would have been nothing legally wrong with that had they been while feeding their kids – but that didn’t stop the chiding chocolate shop manager from coming over and telling the women to “stop doing that,” the suit says.

Taylor “politely declined” the request, the suit says, telling the manager what she was asking was and “both contrary to sound public policy and illegal.”

Yes it’s true kids. Moms alike can have their new borns sitting there until kingdom come suckling for dear life. Which reminds me, I think I didn’t get off the rag until I was at least 4 years old. Selfish me…

Village Voice: Acevedo-Taylor’s lawyer, Adam Polo, told us that New York civil rights law 79-e guarantees the right of a mother to breastfeed her child anywhere she wants, in public or private. New York even has a “Breastfeeding Bill of Rights” that’s given to new mothers in hospitals. So there was literally nothing illegal about what this mother was doing in the chocolate store.

But some managers will always think they no better because of the name tag on their chest…

The manager, however, was umoved, and “again demanded, this time in a threatening manner, that . .

The women “again politely declined the request,” and the manager then ordered them to “leave and never come back to [the] establishment again,” the suit says.

Taylor “felt shamed and humiliated in front of her friends and other patrons who witnessed the event. She tearfully gathered her belongings” and left with her five-month-old daughter Jordan, the suit says.

You’d think cafe managers would have more important things to do with their time as opposed to chasing mothers and infants down the street. Surely there must have been a coffee spill somewhere that the manager could have dealt with and subsequently made themselves feel relevant and wanted?



  1. Because, Mike, switching from breast to bottle can cause nipple confusion. If you could be bothered to read the article, it does say that she was being discrete. I’m sorry you have a problem with a mother feeding her child in the best way possible, but guess what? Breasts aren’t about YOU, they’re about feeding children. Period. Your question of “why children should have to watch it” is so ridiculous it’s laughable. Restrooms are filled with germs and doctors advise AGAINST feeding infants in such places. The World Health Organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the law is on this mother’s side. Read a book and deal with it.

  2. I think the manager dealt with it appropriately, as a patron I don’t want to see that while I’m eating. Why should children have to sit there and watch it, why not just use the ladies room? Wtf is wrong with putting it in a bottle? Seriously have some gad damn respect for yourself and others. My wife was always descret and considerate of her surroundings while breast feeding.

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