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Juan Rodriguez is busted for receiving disguised cocaine in a a package of bologna in the mail.


Juan was just trying to peddle some coco pops on the side, kilos of it in fact, but when the local post office began to notice some peculiar irregularities with the mail that they kept dropping off at Juan’s house they decided to have a closer look. That of course is when Juan’s life suddenly turned upside down…

Azcentral: HOLYOKE, Mass. – A Massachusetts man has been arrested after a kilogram of cocaine hidden inside a hollowed out chunk of bologna was delivered to his home.

Holyoke police said they were tipped off by postal inspectors in Puerto Rico who had been investigating similar shipments. A dog confirmed the presence of drugs and the bologna was cut open.

But what has to be appreciated is the beauty of how the postal service set Rodriguez up…

The meat was then repackaged and an undercover postal inspector delivered it to a Holyoke address at about 4:45 p.m. on Thursday where a woman sitting on the front steps signed for it.

So there’s Juan and his gal toiling in all that coco pops, counting the proceeds of all that money they’re going to get away with again when guess who decides to drop by later that afternoon with a warrant to search the house and the contents of the ‘bologna package’….?

Police then executed a search warrant and arrested 30-year-old Juan Rodriguez on a cocaine trafficking charge. He was scheduled to be arraigned Friday. It was not immediately clear if he had a lawyer.

Police said the cocaine had a street value of $100,000. The investigation is ongoing.

Just because you can get away with it once or twice, eventually someone like the post office is going to notice those interesting packages arriving on your doorstep…

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