Home Scandal and Gossip Benjamin takes a bite out of Parvin Hajihossini’s face.

Benjamin takes a bite out of Parvin Hajihossini’s face.


Benjamin, the Kaatersill lodge’s pet monkey, wants you to know, don’t take his picture, or he’ll rip your face off, literally.

Queens hairdresser Parvin Hajihossini, 53, was visiting the quaint, upscale bed and breakfast upstate, owned by famed artist and hotelier Allen Hirsch, when she was savagely attacked when taking a picture of Benjamin the house monkey in July. Hirsch is most notably known for painting Bill Clinton’s inaugural portrait.

The attack left Hajihossini with a brutal scar down the length of her cheek. She now she suffers nightmares due to the attack; and had to endure a painful rabies shot.

Richard Ancowitz, Hajihossini’s attorney said Hajihossini has been so depressed by the injury that she doesn’t want her customers to see her.

“They certainly didn’t expect this, to be bitten by a monkey who wasn’t properly guarded,” Ancowitz said.

The suit filed in the Queens Supreme court says poor Benjamin has shown “a vicious propensity,”  before the most recent attack.

Remember kids, wild animals aren’t pets. They’re just as likely to bite your face off as they are to cuddle up with you to watch the latest Lilo news on television. Which makes me wonder, whatever happened to the Queens crocodile? Hmm…

Source: Daily News

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