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An update on Alexandra Mendez Diaz’s battered dog- Will.


Remember that crazy episode of that woman Alexandra Mendez Diaz body slamming  her dog in the streets in Williamsburg? Well we have an update on the dog. As for the woman- we think hope she’s on some medication…

Hi Scallywag,

I read your article on July 16 regarding the crazy woman in Williamsburg who body slammed her dog into the pavement. Just wanted to give you some updates about the pup if you’re interested in doing a follow up story! After thinking they were going to have to put the dog (Will) down, vets were actually able to restore him to a safe condition. The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals is paying Will’s vet bills, and donations are being accepted here.

We’ve seen in other story follow ups that Will is recovering using a Trimline Recovery Collar. To give you a little bit of information about the Trimline collar, it’s a soft blue alternative to the hard plastic cones which dogs and cats are often forced to wear following surgery. We would love for you to include Will’s use of Trimline in a follow up story about his recovery, so that readers are aware of this alternative which is more comfortable for pets who are trying to heal. I’ve shared the above a Trimline link for you to check out, and please let me know if you have any questions or there is any further information I can provide you with!

Tracey Dewland
Whitegate PR Intern

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