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Will you be competing at the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating competition?


Who will manage to eat the most hot dogs now that favorite Takeru Kobayashi bows out?

There seems to be more drama this year off the hot dog stage than on it. Brooklyn Paper explains…

Brooklyn Paper: Takeru Kobayashi, one of the greatest eaters in the history of the world and a six-time Nathan’s hot dog-eating champion, has stunned the world by dropping out of the July 4 competition, giving rival Joey Chestnut, who has beaten him three years in a row, a clear shot to a dynasty.

Who would have thought there were guys out there who train for this stuff? And what about Mayor Bloomberg calling Takeru Kobayashi a sissy for dropping out? Of course how does one actually train for eating hot dogs in the first place? Is there a fasting period involved, pickles, mustard, a prayer to God? Well Joey Chestnut is here to tell you how…

Gothamist:As for Chestnut, he said, “I’m fasting hard, practicing hard, and recovering, paying attention to my body. I’ve been running more, trying to get a little bit healthier, but I love to eat, this is what I do.” This from a man who won a Deep Fried Asparagus Contest. And on his website, Chestnut gave his thoughts about the Kobayashi controversy:

“I am three days away from my biggest contest of the year and I was thrown a curve ball. Apparently kobayashi has not committed to competing on Sunday. I know iti shouldn’t let it affect my training and I’m not. Over and over I am being asked about koby and I give the same a answer… ‘I don’t know if he is eating, but if he does I will be ready’… I respect koby’s ability, but I also know that he will do anything to win, including faking an injury. So I would not be surprised if koby showed at the last second in hopes of catching his competitors off guard. I am using the possibility of a koby sneak attack as motivation to push hard in the final stretch of training.”

Fried asparagus? Fasting hard, practicing hard (how do you practice eating hot dogs?) and faking an injury- what tonsillitis, a saw tongue? It all sounds like compelling work if you can stomach it (pun intended). Anyway for those of you brave enough to turn up tomorrow’s contest it’ll be taking place in Coney Island outside of Nathan’s Famous at Surf Avenue in Coney Island. As a kind gesture Nathan’s will be donating 100 000 hot dogs to the NYC Food bank, of which I wouldn’t mind eating 2 or 3 only…