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Time to find out about the biggest lies people use in internet dating.


I look like Brad Pitt and I own my very own golf club and other fibs…

Have you tried internet dating? Of course you have, who hasn’t (we me actually)- and there may be good reason to avoid using it all together, but then again there may be a good reason to keep using it too if you don’t mind all those fibs and did we mention all those partners you end up sleeping with?

According to the folks at Gizmodo, they did a bit of snooping around and came up with some interesting generalizations. First, short men lie like hell – so they all pretend they are taller than they are, where as women lie as hell to appear shorter as well (apparently us men are spooked by women taller than 6ft).

Gizmodo: Do you have money to burn?

If you’re a young guy and don’t make much money, cool. If you’re 23 or older and don’t make much money, go die in a fire. It’s not hard to see where the incentive to exaggerate comes from.

In other words, if you’re poor like us – bad luck, you ain’t getting nothing. Of course us journalists do (I hope) come with more charm.

Are you using last decade’s photos? C’mon, we know you are…

As you can see, over a third of the hottest photos on the site are a year old or more. And more than twice as many hot photos are over three years old (12%) as average-looking ones (5%), which makes sense because people are more inclined to cling to the pics that make them look their best.

I wonder why? Is that because everyone else so by default all the nervous nellies out there have to lie just to stay in the race.

“I’m bisexual.”

REALITY: 80% of self-identified bisexuals are only interested in one gender.

OkCupid is a gay- and bi-friendly place and it’s not our intention here to call into question anyone’s sexual identity. But when we looked into messaging trends by sexuality, we were very surprised at what we found. People who describe themselves as bisexual overwhelmingly message either one sex or the other, not both as you might expect.

So in other words, a fantasy is just that and the real push is the disguised lopsided approach. Keep hunting closet gays.

The moral of the day, the truth sucks and people are loathe to use it when it comes to getting payola. Oh well. Next.



  1. What a terrible article this is. You couldn’t even get the attribution of the data correct. If you had taken half a second, you’d notice that Gizmodo didn’t do any such study. The study was done by OK Cupid, who guest-posted on Gizmodo. Based on some of the other articles around here, it’s not surprising that you’re missing key details.

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