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Can you get high on I-dosing?


Before the Digital Age, teenagers took acid, turned up their Dark Side of the Moon vinyl, and had a good time. What are the little nerdy ninnies doing now? iDosing.

The science behind the so-called high: a binaural beat, which is the THC of iDosing; giving you two similar but different pitches of sound.  Apparently, iDosing creates a tripping sensation, likened to what you get from taking LSD, or consuming large quantities of pot, including disorientation and hallucination. If you’re going to “iDose,” digital druggies recommend Gates of Hades, which is “the good stuff,” costing an outrageous $200.

BBC: Dr Brian Fligor, director of diagnostic audiology at the Boston Children’s Hospital, thinks the idea of digital drugs is as far-fetched as the plot of a horror film.

“To my knowledge there is no science that backs it up,” Dr Fligor told the BBC. “They are experiencing an auditory perception.”

“It’s neat and interesting, but it has absolutely no effect on your perception of pleasure or anything else that was claimed.”

I tried the “Leviticus Green” iDose track from YouTube. I closed my eyes, put in my head phones, and concentrated on the droning sound for ten minutes. At six minutes my eyes started to twitch wildly, and stopped as soon as Leviticus was done; that was the only unusual occurrence of my iDose trip, which was assumingly caused by nothing more than sitting still and listening to a noisy garbage truck with my eyes closed for ten minutes.

The bottom line: Save your $200 bucks, kids. Or if you can’t live without the high, go down to the school nurse and ask her for a hearing test, or buy legal “pot” online. You’ll get the same effect.

Source: BBC

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