Home Nightlife Ballistic at Eldridge East- Bamboo.

Ballistic at Eldridge East- Bamboo.

Let's dance...

Photography by Anthony Foti. Eldridge East- Bamboo.

According to Matt Levine I’ve got to haul my ass over to his hot vibe space at Eldridge East- aka Bamboo. To be honest I’ve yet to arrive (something about purring glamazons keeps me at bay-blah!) but if Mr Levine’s naughty venue on Eldridge st in the city is any guide I ought to put aside my inhibitions and make the trek over. So for someone who is a personal fan of Mr Levine’s party vibe and even the man himself (we’ll all forget all those awful comments about him being a grand poseur when he first opened Eldridge st- us media folks as you know can be mean -double blah!) this summer make a trek over to Eldridge st. By the way if you happen to notice any saliva on the pictures below it’s just my drool as I was putting up the pictures.

So yes Mr Levine, I will most definitely catch you at Eldridge and as they say in show business- ‘let the good times roll…’

Cocktails at the Eldridge, rediscovering your palette

The Groove Jet From The Eldridge now give you Glamour Fridays…

Sexual Feeling at the Eldridge.

Lizzie Grubman and Simon Rex keep the kids going.
Glamazon 1 and Glamazon 2
A penny for her secrets...

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