Home Scandal and Gossip The Quadruple Bypass otherwise known as the Double Down is finally here.

The Quadruple Bypass otherwise known as the Double Down is finally here.

Not quite satisfied with making Americans fatter and dumber with the Quadruple Bypass on a bun better known as the “Double Down“, KFC is placing all bets on its latest artery clogging concoction. The fast-food chain is planning on launching the The Doublicious immediately following fourth of July–a day in which we will be stuffing our freedom faces to death with patriotic fatty acids.
According to the Awl, this ungodly mutation will consist of the following ingredients….
The new sandwich, known as The Doublicious, will feature the same ingredients of the Double Down but this time with a bun, specifically a sweet Hawaiian Bread bun.
The Original Recipe Doublicious includes an Original Recipe filet topped with bacon, Monterey Jack cheese and Colonel’s Sauce. The Grilled Doublicious is a grilled filet topped with Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce and honey mustard BBQ sauce.One can only wonder if this new sandwich will come with a matching scented candle like the White Castle one.
Source: The Awl
  • Joey

    Just inject it into my veins. I’m lazy!

  • Paul

    Can anyone say “do you want angioplasty with that “?

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, it doesn’t even sound appetizing. At least something like “the baconator” no that sounded tasty. (I still didn’t go have one) I swear though people would go buy shit on a stick if it came with a coupon and were told it was latest and greatest thing.

  • *can I scratch out that word or lack of a word “tributed” please? Thanks

  • I actually received KFC coupons in the mail yesterday and one full page was tributed to this new Doubalicious or whatever you call it. For a second, okay 24 hours, I thought it may not be as fattening as the Double Down and maybe I’d try it once I’m eating carbs again (don’t judge me) but reading your article makes me second guess myself. Great job!